There is no harm if there is no comparison. Why is it necessary to use a laser printer for cable marking?

China is a big country in manufacturing and production. Cable is the second largest industry in China’s mechanical and electrical industry after the automotive industry. Its market prospect is very impressive. It is widely used in construction fields such as construction engineering, equipment manufacturing, national defense construction, and power chemical industry. Wires and cables are confusing due to their wide variety. In order to distinguish them during production and installation, it is necessary to make corresponding marks on the surface of the wires and cables, such as the origin, specifications, manufacturer and product information, etc.


In the past, the main method for marking cables was inkjet marking or labeling on the outer layer of the cables. However, the use environment of the cable is generally outdoor or underground, so the inkjet marks and labels on the surface are easily worn off or washed off by rain, causing troubles for later maintenance. As an advanced marking equipment, the cable laser printer is gradually replacing traditional ink coding with its many advantages, and has become the preferred choice of wire and cable manufacturers.


(Advantages of laser printer for cable) 

1.Easy operation

The cable laser printer is controlled by computer software and can be used after simple training. No consumables are needed, automatic feeding, automatic marking and automatic storage can be realized, saving manpower.

2.Permanent mark

The cable laser printer uses the principle of converting light energy into heat energy to ablate the surface of the workpiece to form a mark. Therefore, the mark is not easy to gradually fade due to the influence of external factors. It is a permanent mark and can resist the counterfeiting, inferiority and string of some illegal businesses Goods problem.

3.Beautifully processed

Laser processing has high precision. Using software drawing, you can quickly draw and generate various texts and graphics, which can achieve fine marking of products, effectively reduce the defective rate of wire and cable product processing, and play an important role in improving the quality of wire and cable.

4.Safety and environmental protection

The cable laser printer does not require any additives, and only produces a small amount of smoke and dust. These smoke and dust are immediately taken away by the smoke and dust purifier, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Recommended equipment:

(UV laser printer MUV-A-A)


◆ Imported ultraviolet laser, high-speed digital galvanometer, embedded flight marking controller, high system integration, low power consumption, compact structure and stable performance;

◆ Support automatic generation of date code, time code, serial number, support automatic number jump and other functions to meet the needs of customers in different industries;

◆ The optical cavity is integrated with the control box, and the lifting frame can be adjusted up and down, back and forth, and pitch angle, easily adapting to different production lines;

◆ The system uses touch screen, friendly man-machine interface, simple and fast operation, easy to get started;

◆ Support multiple correction methods; support multiple missed calls, alarms and other I/O auxiliary functions;

◆ Support DXF, PLT vector and picture format import; support dot matrix characters and TTF fonts and self-developed fonts; support ultra-long marking, tube segment triggering and various formats barcode and QR code flight marking.


 Aplicable materials

The cable laser printer is suitable for paper materials, PVC, rubber, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, PET, HDPE, leather, etc.

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