The diferences between the face mask KN95, N95 and FFP2, can they be produced with the same fully automatic mask machine?

The epidemic in China has eased, the reason why we can control the epidemic quickly is because in addition to our strict home segregation masks also make great contributions. Nowadays, with the “ War” of the epidemic spread further worldwide, the demand for masks has increased. In response to the outbreak of epidemic, many countries of Europe and America have placed orders of mask with China for urgent use. However, diferent countires have diferent standards for masks, for exemple: the most common N95, KN95, KF94 and FFP2 masks, what are the diferences between them? And can they be produced with the same fully automatic mask machine?

1.Masks of diferents standards

KN95 Mask

KN95 is the standards of China, the standard of normal KN95 masks is GB2626-2006, the standard of medical KN95 masks is GB19083-2010


N95 Mask

N95 mask is one of 9 kinds of particulate protection mask certified by NIOSH in United States.


FFP2 Mask

FFP2 mask refers to one kind of mask that meets European standards ( CEEN1492001);


KF94 Mask

KF94 is a standard established by Korean production. The filtration rate of masks under this standard for particulate matter with a diameter of 0.4 μm is greater than 94%;

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It is easier to understand the filtering ability with the following set of relationships: FFP3FFP2=N95=KN95=KF94KN90. For fighting viruses and flu, N95 level masks are enough.


2.Can they be produced with the same fully automatic mask machine?

The diferences between these kinds of masks are the diferents materals and the diferents standards, however these does not affect that they can be producewith the same Han’s Yueming laser Group automatic N95/KN95 mask machine. Just change the mold for the diference masks.

( Fully automatic N95/KN95 mask machine)

Han’s Yueming Laser group fully automatic N95/ KN95 mask machine is mainly composed of 5 functional modules: Fabric unwinding, Counter welding, Belt welding, Mask folding and Edge sealing and cutting. The modular and user-friendly design makes the production and maintenance of N95, KN95, FFP2 and other masks are very convenient. It can quickly realiza the timely change of production of masks such as N95, kn95 and FFP2.


u Can be debugged / controlled remotely;

u Human-computer interactive operation saves time and effort;

u Fully automated production line, single person on duty;

u Digital control to effectively increase production capacity and control production schedule;

u Servo motor drive, EtherCAT bus control, more accurate and more stable.

(Video display of automatic N95 / KN95 mask machine)


3.Mask machine related equipment


(N95 / KN95 mask dedicated flying laser printer)

Except the fully automatic N95/ KN95 mask machine, Han’s Yueming Laser Group also reserch and developed N95 / KN95 mask dedicated laser printer, Non-woven special laser cutting machine and other automation equipment, Please inquire for details:

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