Real question and answer: What is the actual production capacity of the automatic mask machine in 1 in 1 production line per day?

For the manufactures which want to buy the mask machine in 1 to 1 production line, except the price of the machine, the other important question is the One day’s production capacity. Why do the care about this? Because it is a question of how long it takes to buy back the mask machine.

According to the diferent product solutions proposed by diferents manufactures, there are varies disigens of mask machine in 1 in 1 production line. Diferent machines of diferent manufactures, therefor, the actual capacity is diferent. But generally can reach 60-100 per minute.

(Fully automatic mask machine in 1 in 1 production line)

If a fully automatic mask machine in 1 in 1 production line is calculated based on a minimum of 60 pieces in one minute, 3600 pieces in one hour, so theoretically, if it is produced 24 hours a day, it can produce 86400 pieces a day. However, the theory is theorized. Even if the production is fully loaded in three shifts during the current epidemic, it is impossible to achieve 24 hours without stopping for one second.

Han’s Yueming Group fully automatic mask machine in 1 in 1 production line can achieve 80-100 per minute. This equipment is to connect a mask body making machine with a mask earloop welding machine. After the mask body is made, it is sent to the earloop welding machine by the transmission belt to weld the earloop.

Only one operator can operate the entire production line. This fully automatic mask machine in 1 in1 production line realizes the fully automated production of flat masks, which mainly includes coil feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear strap feeding and welding, finished product blanking, etc. Craftsmanship. Complete the entire production process from raw materials to finished masks.

Han’s Yueming Group is currently developing and manufacturing various types of mask production equipment. The products include KN95 automatic mask machine, semi-automatic mask machine, one-to-one flat mask machine, finished KN95 mask, etc. Welcome to consult.