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How many parts does the stereo protective mask machine have? Can fully automatic be transformed into semi-automatic production line?

The stereo protective mask machine mainly produces three-dimensional masks, such as duckbill masks and cup-shaped masks, including N95 masks, KN95 masks, FFP2 masks and so on. The stereo protective mask machine have a higher level of protection and better protection than flat masks.

Han’s Yueming Group automatic N95 / KN95 mask machine is a stereo protective mask machine, which is composed of five functional module parts: cloth unwinding process, contour welding process, ear strap welding process, folding process and edge banding, cutting process. The modular and user-friendly design makes N95, KN95, FFP2 and other masks very convenient for production and maintenance.

At the same time, the modular design of the stereo protective mask machine can work independently in sections, which is very conducive to fully automatic conversion into a semi-automatic production line. It is only necessary to carry out a certain functional module separately, such as an ear strap welding functional module. The production speed of this module is lower than that of other modules, and this module can be produced independently, thereby accelerating the production speed of the entire line.

 (fully automatic N95/ KN95 mask production machine)


Remote debugging / control;

Human-computer interactive operation, saving time and effort;

Fully automated production line, single person on duty;

Digital control, effectively increase production capacity, control production schedule;

Servo motor drive, Ether CAT bus control, more precise and stable.

The fully automatic version and half automatic version of the three-dimensional protective mask machine have their own advantages. If you don’t know which one to choose, you don’t have to be entangled. Han’s Yueming Group automatic N95 / KN95 mask machine fully automatic to semi-automatic installation and commissioning are very convenient. With 20 years of experience in R & D, production and after-sales service of high-end industrial equipment and strong capital strength, Han’s Yueming Group’s third-generation fully automatic N95 / KN95 mask machine can be booked in bulk and in futures, equipment delivery and after-sales service All are fully protected. Leading equipment technology, high degree of intelligence, easy online debugging, high single machine capacity, stable performance and affordable price!