Find a mask machine company, you need to pay attention to these three points.

Whether you buy a fully automatic KN95 mask machine, or a fully automatic one-for-one, one-for-two mask machine, you must keep your eyes open when buying. Now that the global epidemic is spreading, the mask machine industry is mixed, and many so-called “masks” have been born. Machine company “, you should pay attention to these three points when buying a mask machine.


time is money. This sentence was fully verified during the epidemic, and the mask machine was produced as early as possible and paid back the cost as early as the day before to make money. When looking for a mask machine company to buy a mask machine, be sure to specify the delivery date.


The mask machine needs to be debugged to start up normally, and debugging is a technical activity, which is the key to the final production quality of the mask. When looking for a mask machine company to buy equipment, the mask machine company must be required to debug the equipment to ensure that The production site can produce normally.

After sale:

After sales is the key. Because of the epidemic situation, many companies have switched to producing masks, some of which do not have the technical personnel reserve for mask machines. Although the masks can be produced after commissioning, the machine will inevitably fail. This is a very test of the level of after-sales support of the mask machine company.

Of course, before looking for a mask machine company to buy, you need to determine what mask machine you want to buy, whether it is a fully automatic KN95 mask machine, or a fully automatic one-for-one, one-for-two mask machine, understand what products they can produce, and then look for A reliable mask machine company, understand their equipment characteristics, capacity, price and so on.

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