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High-power Airbag Laser Cutting Machine CMA2425C-GF-C

Technical Parameter

Model Laser power(W) Workingarea(mm) Overall dimension(mm) Weight(kg) MaximumAccelerated Maximumspeed Positioningaccuracy Repeated Positioningaccuracy Working environment
CMA2425C-GF-C 2500~3000 2500╳2400 10300╳3800╳1900 9000 3G 120m/min ±0.1mm/1000mm ±0.05mm/1000mm Temp:5~40°CHumidity:5~85%Clean,less dust

Functional characteristics

◆Transmission structure using gantry rack double servo drive structure, high inertia large torque motor, maximum acceleration up to 3G, maximum speed up to 120m/min, to ensure the equipment high-speed operation,long-term stability of accuracy; Similar models in the world are synchronous belt drive, compared with the synchronous belt drive rack and pinion structure without regular maintenance adjustment accuracy; ◆High rigidity reinforced welded bed, imported large gantry machining center finishing milling processing, effectively eliminate stress; ◆Imported Rofin DC series laser generator, good spot quality, stable output power, to achieve high precision cutting; ◆The beam adopts imported aluminum profile structure; The beam design through finite element structural mechanics analysis, to achieve the best combination of weight, rigidity and dynamic performance; ◆The optical path is designed for air protection to reduce the frequency and difficulty of optical lens maintenance; ◆All reflective lenses are equipped with digital temperature sensors to monitor the lens temperature in real time. When the temperature is abnormal, the alarm is suspended to effectively improve the safety of the equipment; ◆Precise motion accuracy supports 0 gap layout cutting and super - long bag splicing cutting; ◆Professional laser cutting software, multi-picture layer function, rich parameter Settings effectively respond to the automotive airbag process requirements; Software also has cutting graphics intelligent segmentation function, the most reduce manual intervention to a large extent; The operation software is simple and easy to learn, reducing the learning difficulty of operators and reducing the training time of operators; ◆Low operating cost, starting power as low as 58KW.