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Hot Sale for Laser Welder - HyTube Series Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – Han’s Yueming

Tube ranges(length * tube diameter) 6522 6532 9532
6500mm×φ20-210mm,6500mm×φ20-150mm 6500mm×φ20-310mm, 6500mm×φ20-220mm 9500mm×φ20-310mm, 9500mm×□20-220mm
Other  type  of  tube  with  an external circle not larger  than  φ210mm Other  type  of  tube  with  an  externalcircle not larger  than  φ310mm
Z-axis 150mm 200mm
Single tube weight 80kg 100kg 120kg
X-axis 7050mm 7050mm 10050mm
Y-axis 330mm
A、B-axis Infinite rotation
X、Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/1000mm
X、Y-axis re-positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
A、B-axis positioning accuracy ±30"
A、B-axis re-positioning accuracy ±10"
X、Y-axis max positioning speed 100m/min
A max positioning speed 70rpm
Mix loading speed 2500-6500mm(Remark:automatic length detection)
Unloading length 0-3000mm
Weight 7500Kg 7500Kg 10000Kg
Chuck  sing le  claw clamping  force
145Kg 145Kg 175Kg
Machine dimension(L*W*H) 12m*4.3m*2.8m
Supply Voltage, VAC 3-phase 3/380V/50Hz
Total power supply protection class IP54