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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In India - Automatic loading & unloading and storage system of laser cutting machine – Han s Yueming

Number of store layers 8 Floor
Max tray lif ting speed 0.25m/s
Max tray translational moving speed 0.4m/s
Max translation speed of loading mechanism 0.8m/s
Max lifting speed of loading mechanism 0.25m/s
Max translation speed of unloading mechanism 0.8m/s
Max lifting speed of unloading mechanism 0.25m/s
Unloading fork switching speed 0.4m/s
Vibration value 〈0.5G
Running beat 905
Storage load 24MT
The scope of work 3000mmx1500mm
Overal l dimensions 13150mmx4800mmx4840mm
Working environment temp: -10~45℃ humidity: ≤95%RH no condensation
Power supply 30 KVA/3P+E/380VAC±10%/50HZ
Air source the working pressure shall not be lower than 0.6mpa, and the flow rate shall not be lower than 0.4m³/min