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3D Five-Axis Laser Cutting Machine SGF080602-A5-A

Product advantages / selling points / Introduction

·Can realize complex surface.High-speed cutting of three-dimensional parts. ·Overhead gantry double drive structure, high precision screw. ·Cutting head has auto-focus and fast piercing,greatly improve the productivity. ·Automatic generation of machining trajectories for offline simulation of machining. ·Automatically check and solve collision and singularity problems, etc. ·Without operating multiple software, accuracy and stability of equipment operation are higher.


Model Laser power(W) XYZ stroke(mm) Overall dimension(mm) Total mass (host) Max speed of air travel(m/s) Equipment power Supply voltage Working environment







Approx 6.5KW (according to 80W laser tube)


Temp:5-40℃ Humidity:5~80%

Functional features

1.Adopt professional 3D five-axis CNC system, which can realize complex surface,high-speed

cutting of three-dimensional parts;

2.Overhead gantry double drive structure, more stable than the boom robot faster positioning speed, higher precision and better dynamic performance;

3.The maximum range of X, Y , Z -axis is 750mm*600mm*200mm, there is enough processing space to meet the processing needs;

4.Without operating multiple software, accuracy and stability of equipment operation are higher, the efficiency is faster, and the anti-interference is strong;

5.Optional double station rotary table for small format products double station sliding table or single-station rotary table.

Application industry introduction, etc

Suitable for complex multi-surface and curved products processing, such as VR eye mask, Battery seal cover, which is an ideal 3D laser cutting machine.

Auto door panel cutting

VR Eye Mask cutting

Battery seal cover cutting Air conditioning plastic parts cutting

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